Terms & Conditions

1. Content of the Crypto Mining Maps.com service, located at 1, rue du 11 Novembre at Gap 05000 France, makes available to users who intend to use it a service (from now on called the “Service”) which is based on publish and consult announcements of private subjects and companies that intend to advertise their products and / or services. The Service also allows advertisers and users interested in what is published to get in touch with each other.

2. Ownership of the Crypto Mining Maps.com platform, is the sole owner of the web platform through which the Service is managed, as well as all the relative rights inherent in and consequent to the exploitation of the platform itself.

3. Applicability of the conditions These General Conditions of Service apply both to users who use the Service in consultation with the advertisements published and to advertisers (hereinafter collectively called “user / s”).

4. Terms for the use of the Service The use of the Service is allowed only to users over the age of 18. Any use of the Service by minors implies and implies the authorization and supervision of the parents or of those who exercises the power or protection, which will then assume all responsibility for the minor’s work against Crypto Mining Maps.com and any third parties involved. The use of the free service allows free consultation of ads and publication of advertisements and the creation of users for consultation is subject to payment, according to the plans illustrated on the page of offers. The relationships between the users of the Service, including the purchase, exchange of information, delivery or payment of goods or services, take place exclusively between users without Crypto Mining Maps.com being part of the relationship. The user also undertakes not to make improper use of contacts present in any capacity on the Crypto Mining Maps.com platform. By way of a non-exhaustive example, the sending of advertising, promotional material, or any other form of unauthorized or unsolicited solicitation by e-mail or any other method of contact is prohibited.

5. Responsibility of the user The user is totally and exclusively responsible for the use of the Service (to be understood expressly with regard to the functions of publication, consultation, management of advertisements and contact between users) and is therefore the only guarantor and responsible for the goods and services offered through the Service as well as the correctness, completeness and lawfulness of the advertisements and their behavior in the context of the contact between users. The user guarantees the availability and / or ownership of the good / service object of the same advertisements. You also warrant that your ads do not infringe any copyright or industrial property rights or other third-party rights. In the event of third-party complaints regarding any announcement or conduct related to it, the user assumes full responsibility and undertakes to hold Crypto Mining Maps.com free and harmless from any damage, loss or expense. The user undertakes to use the ad’s contacts for the sole purpose of obtaining communication and exchanging information with other users relative to the ads, using an appropriate language, in compliance with the law, ethics and netiquette. Furthermore, the user assumes all responsibility for any damage that may result to his computer system from the use of the Service.

6. Limitation of Liability Crypto Mining Maps.com makes no representations about the content, completeness and correctness of the advertisements published with regard to the published data, nor with regard to information subsequently provided by the user, nor with reference to the number or quality of the results obtained through the Service. In any case Crypto Mining Maps.com reserves, at any time, the right to evaluate, approve, delete or prevent the insertion or the right to inhibit the consultation or contact through the form of response to the announcement in the case in which, at its sole discretion, the use of the Service by the user refers to particular product sections or may be considered detrimental to the rights or prerogatives of Crypto Mining Maps.com or third parties. It is understood that even in case of evaluation and approval of the adverts (whether automatic or manual) Crypto Mining Maps.com does not give any guarantee as to the content, completeness and correctness of the same. Crypto Mining Maps.com is also unrelated to any negotiations arising from the use of the Service and therefore does not guarantee the goodness nor the outcome of the same, therefore no request for return, compensation and, repair and / or compensation for any reason may be directed towards Crypto Mining Maps.com The Service is offered via the cryptominingmaps.com website and mobile applications that will not contain banners / links to other Internet sites or applications.

7. Limitations on the provision of the Crypto Mining Service Maps.com reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt, in whole or in part, the Service at any time without notice and without being required to indicate the underlying reasons to the aforementioned actions. Crypto Mining Maps.com has implemented an anti spam system along with the ad response form, which rejects contact requests through the form in case of violation of the applicable rules, rules and / or these conditions (such as a mere example) , presence of insults, racist epithets, spam or phishing activities, etc.). In any case, the antispam system does not guarantee the authenticity of the product / service for sale nor the truthfulness of the contact’s content. Crypto Mining Maps.com can not under any circumstances be considered part or responsible for the exchange of communications between users and the negotiations arising from them. Crypto Mining Maps.com can not equally be held responsible for damages resulting from the failure to provide the Service covered by this contract due to the wrong or non-functioning of electronic means of communication for reasons outside the sphere of its foreseeable control. By way of example, but not exhaustive, the malfunctioning of servers and other electronic devices, even if not part of the Internet, malfunctioning of installed software, computer viruses, as well as actions by hackers or other users having access to the network.

8. Serial publication of announcements and / or for third parties It is expressly forbidden, unless explicitly authorized by Crypto Mining Maps.com: – the use of automatic ad loading systems; – re-sell the services of Crypto Mining Maps.com to third parties.

9. Limitations to the content of the publications The user undertakes not to falsify his identity and to comply with all applicable legal provisions as well as the Rules of Crypto Mining Maps.com, which for this purpose the user accepts and acknowledges having to view before inserting each ad or making contact with another user. In this regard, the user acknowledges and agrees that each advertisement inserted will clearly include some of the above information, and in particular a date that will indicate the day of acceptance of the Service itself. Such information must not interfere / prejudice / influence any negotiations that may arise from the use of the Service for which Crypto Mining Maps.com remains unrelated. The user also undertakes not to use the Service for the publication, transmission, exchange of illicit, vulgar, obscene, libelous, defamatory, offensive material of the current moral, or, in any case, damaging the rights of others or messages inciting to the hate and racial or religious discrimination. In addition, you agree not to use the Service in a manner that violates any intellectual or industrial property rights of Crypto Mining Maps.com or any third party.

10. Further publications The user recognizes and accepts the possibility offered by Crypto Mining Maps.com to have the ads published on other websites or on off-line publications or belonging to third parties interested in promoting and / or publishing ‘user. The user also consents to the use of the content of the ad (photo, text, etc.) by Crypto Mining Maps.com for the publication of the same on third party sites, online or paper journals or other media, also engaging to indemnify and hold Crypto Mining Maps.com from any liability and / or request in this regard. Crypto Mining Maps.com prohibits the use of software / applications / CD sites. aggregators and / or third parties, not expressly and previously authorized, of any content relating to the Service. Any violation of the aforementioned prohibition can be prosecuted according to the law.

11. Jurisdiction, applicable law and jurisdiction The relationship between Crypto Mining Maps.com and users is regulated by law, under which the present General Conditions must also be interpreted. Except for the provisions of non-derogable legal provisions.

12. Validity of these General Conditions The present General Conditions of Service will be considered applicable, where compatible, also in case of further, different and specific agreements relating to paid services. Crypto Mining Maps.com may in any case unilaterally make changes to these Terms and Conditions by notifying them on its web platform. 13. changes These conditions may be subject to change. In case of substantial changes, Crypto Mining Maps.com will notify the user by publishing them with the maximum evidence on their pages or by email or other means of communication.

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