From the needs of the group and the number of people interested in this sector, we have realized this wonderful idea:

An updated map with all the interests of users, individuals and companies, meeting the needs of all.

How many times have you thought about promoting your services or your company that operates in Crypto Value and Crypto Mining industry?

Now is the time to launch yourself, without fear, because surely, in your area or on Earth, depending on your skills, there will always be someone interested in your products or services.

We have created an interesting plan, with discount for additional pages, “An Honest Price”, because the main purpose is to provide a service, but rightly, any work must be rewarded.


Google Map with Markers Categories:

ASIC Factory
ASIC Housing
ASIC Housing Provided By Us
ASIC Seller
ASIC Wholesalers
Crypto Trainer
HW Factory
HW Housing
HW Housing Provided By Us
HW Seller
HW Wholesalers
Mining Builder Hobbyist
Mining Builder Professional
Mining Cloud
Mining Farm
Mining Pool

With short description on the map pop-up and Redirect to your AD Page

Custom AD Page:

  • Featured Images,
  • Company Name (PRO) or FName and LName (Hobbyist),
  • 5 Skills descriptions,
  • Introduction / Description TXT with about 100 words provided by you
  • 4 contact buttons – FB, Twitter, G+ an Skype in addition to email,
  • Company address, contact details, opening hours and URL address (PRO),
  • Google Map set to the address provided (full address or city only),
  • Carousel with 10 images,
  • Feedback (coming soon)

If you feel ready to take on the challenge,

what are you waiting for?

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